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User:Tyez Baylorum

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About me

Tyez_Baylorum of the official PSU forums.


Name RaceM/F Level H R F FG GT WT FF FG FT PT AF AT Time Used
Tyez Baylorum Human 160 17 10 10 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 1726:13:37

Tyez Baylorum

FireIceLightning GroundLightDark
Foie (icon).png Lvl 41 Barta (icon).png Lvl 41 Zonde (icon).png Lvl 41 Diga (icon).png Lvl 41 N/A Megid (icon).png Lvl 41
Rafoie (icon).png Lvl 41 Rabarta (icon).png Lvl 41 Razonde (icon).png Lvl 41 Radiga (icon).png Lvl 41 N/A Ramegid (icon).png Lvl 41
Gifoie (icon).png Lvl 01 Gibarta (icon).png Lvl 01 Gizonde (icon).png Lvl 01 Gidiga (icon).png Lvl 01 Regrant (icon).png Lvl 32 Megiverse (icon).png Lvl 02
Shifta (icon).png Lvl 41 Deband (icon).png Lvl 41 Zodial (icon).png Lvl 41 N/A Retier (icon).png Lvl 41 Megistar (icon).png Lvl 41
Weapons (5)
Type RankWeaponGrind
Icon S.gifPsycho Wand 2/10
Icon S.gifTesbra 3/10
Armor (6)
TypeRankLine Shield
NeutralIcon S.gifRabol Nico
NeutralIcon S.gifSerafi-senba
Head units
Icon S.gifHizeri / Mind
Arm units
Icon S.gifCati / Skill PP Save
Body units
Icon A.gifStun / Resist
Extra units
Icon S.gifOrpa / HP Restore
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