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Preview button

  • Hey. Thanks for filling the AOTI section, it really needs it. But could you try using the Preview button to check your edits before you save them? This way all your edits are in the same place and it's easier for administrators to do their job later on and/or help you when needed. Thanks. Essen 00:21, 14 September 2009 (UTC)
    • Not sure he's getting the message, yo, and I mean that literally. The 'my talk' link up in the corner is this itty bitty thing that is easily overlooked. I ain't tryin' to be smart or anything, but is there a way one would be able to catch the guy's attention and make him aware of his impact on the logs? --Sasuke1986 05:36, 14 September 2009 (UTC)
      • After someone's talk page has been edited, they will receive notification the next time they view any page of the wiki. It'll appear in a bright box at the top of the page stating that changes have been made to the page, and then it will give you links to view the page or the latest changes. But yeah, like essen said, we appreciate the help in filling out these sections, but please use the preview button before saving. Also, if you know you'll be making changes to multiple sections of a single article (such as the units article), use the "edit" link at the very top of the page instead of each individual section. This will allow you to edit all sections at once, thus reducing the amount of extra edits displayed on the recent changed article. - EspioKaos 13:42, 14 September 2009 (UTC)

Room decorations

I was going to ask about this earlier, but what was with the mass uploading of new room decoration pictures? I'm not sure if you noticed, but most of the regular pages have them. Did you really want them all to be PNG instead of JPG or something? The edits someone did to remove the background on a lot of them holds up well. While I'm here, I guess I'll also say to try not linking the regular pages from the offline section. I already removed them on some pages and they aren't very relevant other than maybe what the items might look like. Again though, I'm glad to see someone doing stuff for offline as it hasn't seen much work. --S-T-H 05:09, 22 October 2009 (UTC)

  • Unfortunately I wasn't able to figure out a way to attach the pictures (especially the large ones) as thumbnails to save viewing space and to streamline the page a bit more. Considering they are decorations I'm pretty sure some folks that haven't seen them before would like to know what they look like. I'm pretty new to the whole wiki edits and even the tutorial didn't really give me much help on attaching thumbnails. The pic file format doesn't matter .png .jpeg .gif etc. Just some of the files that were already in the system showed up when I typed the name.Cugastratos
    • I'm sure you must have seen the Room decorations page for online. You can just use those same pictures as we have stuff for most of it already. If you get pictures for items we don't have them for, you can always throw them in there too. They're going to look the same online and offline. --S-T-H 05:54, 27 October 2009 (UTC)
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