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The cover page of the Visual Book

The Visual Book contains several pages of PSU artwork. It sports official art of Monsters, Weapons, Outposts, Cities, Story Characters, and other general things. The book has been included in many combo packs on websites as a PSU Deluxe Pack sold along with the game itself, a PSU T-Shirt, a PSU Strap Keychain, and a PSU Mini Soundtrack CD. The Japanese release date for the Visual Book was August 31, 2006.



Several scans have been uncovered on the Internet. The pictures go according to how we arranged them.

Network characters

P1-2: Character designs
There are network characters on this page sporting custom costume designs. A Human who looks similar to Ethan Waber is wearing a t-shirt with shorts. Another human who looks similar to Ohbel Dallgun wears a very similar long robe-like suit with black boots. The network characters on this page have costumes unavailable to story characters, revealing many specific designs ranging from dresses to hair to footwear.

Ethan & Karen

P3-4: Ethan and Karen designs
Page 3 has a model of Ethan on a front and back view, revealing all of his accessories and dressings. Every article of clothing (such as shoes and clothes lettering) is shown below. A detailed Ethan head is drawn and colored in the picture. A very similar page 4 has a model of Karen Erra, revealing her many entities, it seems she doesn't have as many accessories as Ethan.

Renvolt & Fullyen

P5: Renvolt and Fullyen designs
P6: Casts and SUV weapon designs
This page has a model of Renvolt Magashi on a front and back view, revealing all of his accessories and dressings. Every article of clothing (such as shoes and clothes lettering) is shown below. On the next page Fullyen Curtz has just as much accessories shown as Ethan and Renvolt, but things such as the AMF logo are shown too.

Casts & SUV weapons

This page has models of two network characters on a front and back view; one is a male Cast, the other a female Cast. They have no other accessories specifically drawn unlike the other character pictures. On the bottom pictures of two (although there are more) SUV Weapons.

Guardians' Colony

P7-8: Guardians' Colony designs
Both pages 5-6 focuses mainly on the Guardians' Colony and its related counterparts (i.e. ships). The first design on page 5 is the Guardians' Colony from a far third-person view, accompanying it is a direct aerial view of the Colony with an architectural design. Below is a picture of a Colony ship. Page 6 has more obscure pictures, such as small pillars and a design of a floor of the Colony, accompanying the picture seems to be a real life scape of several buildings. The last design is a CG design of a city and traveling ships.

Weapon Art

P9-10: Rares with Japanese identification text

Pages 7 and 8 show art of several weapons, including basic 1* versions of weapons and what appear to be several rare weapons, and have been transliterated into Romaji from Katakana by Tycho on this page (see this picture). It should be noted that due to the difficulty of making out the kana on the original low-resolution image, several names may be incorrect. The following weapons were made by GRM, Youmei, Tenora Works, with one item, the Magical Wand, being a Kubara - or non-branded - weapon:

  • Handguns: Handgun (GRM); Buduki Had (Tenora); Beamgun (GRM); Pistatol (Youmei); Viper (GRM)
  • Rifles: Rifle (GRM); Assassin (GRM); Raihou (Youmei); Rattle Snake (GRM)
  • Machineguns: Machinegun (GRM); Maggun (Youmei); Beam Vulcan (GRM)
  • Shotguns: Shogu Damudo (Tenora); Shogu Poma (Tenora); Shogu Pakuda (Tenora)
  • Bows: Alteiri (Youmei); Hanmateri (Youmei); Hirokuteri (Youmei)
  • Laser Cannons: Laser Cannon (GRM)
  • Wands: Wand (GRM); Uranusara (Youmei); Wandra (Youmei); Magical Wand (Kubara); Waganga (Tenora)
  • Rods: Rodou (Youmei); Grana Rodou (Youmei); Hara Rodou (Youmei)
  • Crossbows: Kubbo Ubinde (Tenora); Kubbo Muslana (Tenora)

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