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Shops in Phantasy Star Universe are places where you can buy various items, including weapons, line shields, units, consumables, photon arts, and synthesis boards and materials with the game's currency, Meseta. You can also sell items you do not need or want, however in general, the selling rate is very low. See Meseta values for more information.


Manufacturer shops

Each of the three main item manufacturers - G.R.M., Yohmei and TENORA WORKS have their own shops on their home planets. These larger shopping areas each contain a number of smaller shops, generally selling the products of the manufacturer. The shops that can be found inside a manufacturer Shop are:

  • Weapons Shop - selling weapons made by that manufacturer (represented by weapons).
  • Armor Shop - selling Armors made by that manufacturer (represented by clothing or Armors).
  • Units Shop - selling Units made by that manufacturer (represented by cylinders with coloured parts at each end).
  • Grinding Counter - where you grind Weapons made by that manufacturer.
  • Disk Shop - selling Photon Art Disks (represented by circular Disks).
  • Item Shop - selling various consumable items (represented by shelves containing miscellaneous items).

G.R.M. Shop

G.R.M. Shop

The G.R.M. Shop can be found in the West Area of Holtes City on Parum, past the Synthesis, Clothes and Parts stores and the entrance to the AMF Base. Items made by GRM are sold here.

Yohmei Shop

Yohmei Shop

The Yohmei Shop can be found opposite the Synthesis, Clothes and Parts stores in Ohtoku City, on Neudaiz. Items made by Yohmei are sold here.



The TENORA WORKS Shop can be found on the left side of Dagora City on Moatoob (relative to the direction you face after entering the city), past the Synthesis, Clothes and Parts stores. Items made by TENORA WORKS are sold here.

Specialized Shops

Aside from the Manufacturer Shops described above, each planet has three other shops - a Synthesis Shop, a Clothes Shop, and a Parts Shop (for Cast Parts). These can generally be found together on the three planets. However the Synthesis Shop is seperate from the other two shops on the Guardians' Colony.

MA-GRMS shop on Moatoob

Synthesis Shops

Synthesis Shops are where Synthesis Boards and Synthesis Materials can be bought. In addition to generic goods available anywhere, each Synthesis Shop sells products from their planet or 'native' Manufacturer. For example, the Parum Synthesis Shop will sell items such as Par Wood and G.R.M. products.

Synthesis Shops are recognizable by their purple signs and symbol. Their official name is MA-GRMS.

The Synthesis Shop can be found on 2F of the Guardians' Colony, seperated from the Clothes and Parts Shops, unlike on the three planets.


Clothes Shop on Neudaiz

Clothes Shops

Clothes Shops are where Clothes for non-CAST characters can be previewed and purchased. When entering a clothing shop, you have the option to browse both male and female clothing inventories. Female shop options are located on the left hand side and accessed by talking to the retailer - male options are located to the right. If you browse clothing opposite of your character's gender, you will have to preview the shop's inventory using a default mannequin that's opposite of your character's gender.

Clothes Shops are recognizable by their red signs and symbol.

The Clothes Shop can be found on 3F of the Guardians' Colony - next to the Parts Shop - as well as together with the Synthesis and Parts Shops on the three planets.

Although the clothing shop on the Guardian's Colony provides all sets of purchasable clothing, shops located on planets will usually provide more colour options for the clothes they carry, as opposed to the Guardian's Colony, which provides limited colour options for each piece of apparel.


Parts Shop on Parum

Parts Shops

Parts Shops are similar to Clothes Shops, but they sell Parts only for CAST characters. Like with the clothes shop, you must speak with the clerk who matches your gender if you wish to buy or try on Parts for your character! If you speak to the opposite gender, or are not a CAST, you will only be able to try on clothes on a generic character.

Parts Shops are recognizable by their blue signs and symbol. The Parts Shop can be found on 3F of the Guardians' Colony - next to the Clothes Shop - as well as together with the Synthesis and Clothes Shops on the three planets.


Guardians' Colony Shops

The Guardians Colony does not have a manufacturer shop (as there is no manufacturer 'native' to the Colony). So Shops are found on 2F and 3F of the Colony.

Weapons Shop

Sells basic Weapons from all three manufacturers. Photon Arts are also available from here. The Weapon Shop can be found on 2F, opposite the Synthesis Shop. It is recognizable by its orange sign.

Armor Shop

Sells Armor and Units from all three manufacturers. The Guards Shop can be found on 2F, past the Weapons Shop and near an elevator. It is recognizable by a light blue sign.

Junk Shop

The Junk Shop is where you grind Kubara Weapons, as Kubara does not have a Manufacturer Shop. For more information see Grinding. The Junk Shop can be found on 2F, opposite the Guards Shop. It is recognizable by its yellow sign.

Item Shop

The Item Shop sells various consumable items and Traps. The Item Shop can be found on 2F, opposite the Variety Shop, and next to the Weapons Shop. It is recognizable by its green sign.

Variety Shop

The Variety Shop sells Room Goods (and online, Reform Tickets and PM/EX Evolution Devices as well). The Variety Shop can be found on 2F next to the Synthesis Shop. It is recognizable by its light green sign.


Lumilass sells Accessories and can be used to alter the appearance of your character, similar to the Dressing Room from Phantasy Star Online. It can be found on 3F next to the Clothes Shop, recognizable by a purple sign.

Field Lobby Shops

Naura Cake Shop

  • Naura Cake Shop sells a selection of items comparable to a lobby NPC, however is located within the depths of the mission Maximum Attack G. You can find a few items here that you won't find anywhere else.

Player shops


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