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Winter Mission Carnival

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This article pertains to an event which is no longer active, but is kept for historical purposes.

Winter Mission Carnival[1] was an event which would introduce a "theme park" aspect to Gurhal by releasing numerous missions which diverged from the norm. Such missions included puzzle, duel and race missions. As with any theme park, Mission Carnival missions required tickets to participate, so players needed to stock up on Event Tickets at the exchange mission before heading out to the carnival.

Event missions

At the beginning of the Mission Carnival, only a few missions were to be available. These included the exchange mission, party mission, the first bonus mission and a recruitment mission. All others were released on a set schedule throughout the course of the event.

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Reference notes

  1. This event was known as the Dengeki Mission Carnival in the Japanese PC/PS2 version. It lasted six weeks from February 28, 2008, through April 10, 2008, and was sponsored by Dengeki, a popular Japanese video game magazine.
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