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Character Creation

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Character Creation is your portal for creating the perfect character for you to play in Online Mode and Extra Mode. There are many options in Character Creation so every character can be unique. For example, one can change the minute details such as the eyebrows and eye lashes etc.


  • Height / Body Proportions
  • Eye Color / Pupil Type
  • Hairstyle / hair color
  • Skin Color
  • Face type
  • Eyebrow shape
  • Eye size / type
  • Character Name
  • Outfit shirt / pants / shoes
  • Character voice and pitch

External Links

This flash site simulates character creation for Human, Newman and Beast characters. Is still being developed, so color options for the hair and eyes are not yet available. The character creation menus are also in progress for male, and female Casts, so they are also unavailable at present.


Races: | - Humans | - Newmans | - CASTs | - Beasts | Types | Character Creation | Customization | Voice

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