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Flash of Ruin 2

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Phantasy Star Universe ver.1
This mission has not been upgraded to Ambition of the Illuminus standards. Unless noted otherwise, all enemy and area drops are based on the original Phantasy Star Universe ver.1 charts.

Flash of Ruin 2
Start lobby Illuminus Lab: Outdoors
Start counter Central Area
End lobby Clyez City: 5th Floor
Version Phantasy Star Universe
Field Illuminus Experiment Facility
Mission type Story mission
Party size 1 player
Enemy elements Fire Dark

Continue deeper in the Illuminus facility to destroy the dangerous Sochee device and rescue Professor Tomrain.

Mission requirements and rewards

LV Req. LV Enemy LV Rank S Rank A Rank B Rank C
Meseta Points Meseta Points Meseta Points Meseta Points
C 1 16+ 140 4 -- -- -- -- 0 0
B 35 34+ -- -- -- -- -- -- 0 0
A 60 45+ -- -- -- -- -- -- 0 0
PA Fragment x10[1]
Rank S requirements
LV Time Defeated enemies Miscellaneous requirements
C  ? -- Professor Tomrain cannot be incapacitated.
B  ? -- Professor Tomrain cannot be incapacitated.
A 2:00+ remaining -- Professor Tomrain cannot be incapacitated.

Enemy information

Enemy name Enemy buffs Ele. Mission LV C Mission LV B Mission LV A
Vanda Fire 16 -- -- -- 45 94
Vanda Sword.gif Shield.gif Fire 16 -- -- -- 45 94
SEED-Venas Dark 20 N/A -- N/A -- N/A

Item drops

Enemy name Special drops Mission LV C Mission LV B Mission LV A
Vanda Vanda Derma Shigga Spud Shigga Bigul Shigga Amza
Normal box  ?  ?  ?  ?
Area drops Relic Edge 1-7★ ores 2-9★ ores
3-10★ ores
Olpad, Rubinad


The goal of this trial is speed. You will have to defeat some groups of Vandas in order to open a door or get a key, but the entire time you will be harassed by a SEED-Venas. This creature is invincible, so do what you can to ignore it. Engaging it in battle is nothing more than a waste of time.

At one point in this map, you will come to a T intersection. Turn left when you get there for the first time. Later you will come back to this are via the path you did not take. When you get to this point, follow your original path to spawn a new group of enemies.

Reference notes

  1. PA Fragment rewards for story missions are only awarded once per character.
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