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Ice Crystal Exchange (event mission)

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Absolute Zero This article pertains to a mission which was available only during the limited-time event Absolute Zero.

Ice Crystal Exchange
Clyez City
Start lobby Clyez City: 5th Floor
Start counter GUARDIANS HQ
End lobby Clyez City: 5th Floor
Version Ambition of the Illuminus
Mission type Event mission

Gather Rayspheres, the new, high-purity photon crystals. The Resident Security Department will repay you with useful items.
Fisul Godes

Mission details

  • This article pertains to the version of Ice Crystal Exchange which will be available during Absolute Zero. For details on the version of this mission which will be released following the end of Absolute Zero, please see Ice Crystal Exchange (permanent mission).
  • Aside from the exchange and conversion options offered by this mission, players can also return their Photon Reflector if they no longer wish to have it in their inventory.

Exchange items

The following items can be obtained by exchanging the specified number of Rayspheres.

Exchange items Exchange rate
PA Fragment x3 Raysphere x2
Ban-photon x5 Raysphere x3
PSU Disc 9 Raysphere x5
PSU Disc 19 Raysphere x5
PSU Disc 35 Raysphere x5
PSU Disc 47 Raysphere x5
Nanopolymer Raysphere x10
Ortapolymer Raysphere x10
Metapolymer Raysphere x10
Exchange items Exchange rate
Barlian Raysphere x20
Exanite Raysphere x20
Gachnium Raysphere x20
Gurtite Raysphere x20
Paural Raysphere x20
Sweet Line Raysphere x30
Laser Pannon Raysphere x50
Killing Hearts Raysphere x99
PSU Disc 32 Raysphere x5
Exchange items Exchange rate
PSU Disc 57 Raysphere x5
PSU Disc 67 Raysphere x5
PSU Disc 68 Raysphere x5
Mysterious Skull Raysphere x30
Ice Bar MIX Raysphere x40
Wise Faust Raysphere x60

Special exchange items

Exchange items Required items Comments
Ice Sword Mil Ice Sword Pi x1 Comes with a fixed 38% ice attribute.
Ice Sword Lum x1
Ice Bar MIX x1
Tippo Dogma+ Tippo Rabna x1 --
Tippo Nazra x1
Photon Booster x1
Amore Rose Splendor Rose x1 --
Killing Hearts x1

Conversion rates

Only Rayspheres can be used to exchange for items in this mission. However, any Ray-photons or Ray-drops you have collected can be compressed into Rayspheres. You can also decompress Ray-drops into Ray-photons. The following list illustrates the conversion rates.

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