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Izuma Rutsu

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Izuma Rutsu


Name Izuma Rutsu Affiliation Communion of Gurhal
Gender Male Race Newman
Age 28 Height  ?cm
JP Voice Shou Hayami
(速水 奨)
EN Voice Owen Thomas


The Chief Photon Master, and the leader of the Communion of Gurhal. His gentle demeanor quickly puts people at ease.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Random facts

  • His last name is an homage to Lutz, a character from the original Phantasy Star quadrilogy, who was also a powerful mage and, in Phantasy Star IV: The end of the millennium, was found to be worshipped by Espers in a temple on Dezolis.

Partner character

Partner card

Race Newman Gender Male
Type Fortetecher (1) Level +0
Card comment
Card requirements


  • This partner character was used by the party chat system.

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