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Kou Taragi

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Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.



Kou Taragi


Name Kou Taragi Affiliation N/A
Gender Male Race Human
Age 33 Height 190cm
JP Voice Kazuhiko Inoue
(井上 和彦)
EN Voice Mak Atherlay


An assistant professor in the engineering department of Parum's Rozenom City University. Kou originally specialized in photons, but switched his specialty to A-Photons. Maya Shidow was a student of his during his photon days.

Episode 1

Kou Taragi is first seen in episode 8, where he leads Maya, Ethan and Lou into the relics to meet Dr. Kanal Tomrain. After taking you to a Computer system inside, he'll introduce you to Kanal, and set you on your way to the centre of the relics. He waits behind with Lou and a pair of bodyguards - when you come back, however, it's revealed that Taragi, Lou, and the bodyguards have disapeared. Maya breaks into tears, perhaps suggesting that they had a larger relationship than stated.

Later, During chapter 12, he is found in a seed "pod"; After being released by Ethan and Co, he explodes in a flash of light and mutates (It's worth noting that he looks like a Dark Bringer from PSO) into a Monster. Losing his thoughts, he attacks Ethan and the group. After being beaten, he returns to his natural form. However, he's in a critical state, and dies within minutes. During this time he speaks to Maya and finally confesses his love to her - she's visibly shaken when he dies. After, Maya is far too upset to go on, and is escorted back to the Landeel by Hyuga.

Episode 2

Random facts

  • The logo and text on his sleeves say "A-PHOTON LAB"

Episode 1 partner character (offline)


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