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Leogini Santosa Berafort

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This article contains plot-related information which can be considered spoiler material. Continue reading at your own risk!



Leogini Santosa Berafort
Leogini Berafort aka Leo
Leo in Shadow of the Arkguard.


Name Leogini Santosa Berafort Affiliation GUARDIANS
Race Beast Gender Male
Age 31 Height 200Rp
JP Voice Rikiya Koyama
(小山 力也)
EN Voice Mak Atherlay (Ep. 1),
David Rosenthal (PSP)


Goes by "Leo." He encountered Ethan during the initial SEED invasion, and after fighting alongside him recommended that Ethan join the GUARDIANS. Since then, they've formed a brotherly bond. Despite his rough facade, Leo has a big heart and cares a great deal about his family and friends. He has a wife and a three-year-old son on the GUARDIANS Colony.

Episode 1

Leo is first seen in chapter 1, herding everyone out of the damaged parts of the colony. He meets Ethan. He gets paralyzed by the SEED-Vance and rendered unable to move. After Ethan kills the monster with Leo's handgun, he gives him weapons, advice and directions so that Ethan can rescue his sister. He later appears with a pair of Guardians that help free Lumia. Ethan meets Leo again in episode 6, together they set off to Moatoob to chase the Vol Brothers. Leo is often seen holding the ever aggressive Tonnio back, who goes so far as to strangle the defeated Vol brothers. Leo is next seen in chapter 8, helping Ethan and Tylor during the Grina Bete fight. Seen again in Chapter 11 helping Ethan and Co escort Dr. Tomrain to the confinement system on Moatoob. Leo is seen again in Chapter 12, leading Tonnio and Lou into the other route of the HIVE to find the missing researchers. He calls Ethan when his group is trapped in a dead end hallway. He's next seen aiding Ethan on the final Dulk Falkis fight. As with the rest of the characters involved, he's at the Landeel after party.

Episode 2

Episode 3

Random Facts

  • Leo is the tallest humanoid (non-CAST) character in the game, only being beaten by Renvolt Magashi and Fulyen Curtz.
  • Leo's name is often shortened in-game as Leogini Berafort, Leogini S. B., Leogini S. Berafort, Leo Berafort, Leo, etc.

Partner character

Partner card

Leogini Berafort
Leogini Santosa Berafort
Gender Male Race Beast
Type Hunter (1) Level +3
Card comment Call me Leo. If
you ever need any
help, I'll be there!
Card requirements Beast Tutorial or
Episode 2 Chapter 7


Weapon Name Linked Effect Used during
TENORA WORKS Neutral Sodad Spinning Break LV21 to 30 skill LV1+
TENORA WORKS Neutral Mukpat Dus Robado LV1 to 10 skill LV25+
TENORA WORKS Neutral Mugungri Dus Robado LV21 to 30 skill LV50+
TENORA WORKS Light W'gasta
Resta LV1 to 10 TECHNIC LV1+
Equipment Name Effect Used during
Line shields
Yohmei Ice  ?-senba - LV1+
- - - - Adaka Val Power Nanoblast LV20+



Voice Leogini Berafort's voice (unique)
Disperse for an attack!
I'm moving in! Cover me, [player]!
Don't let your guard down!
It's no good! Pull out!
[Player/NPC], you are too close!
Leave the leader to me!
The [enemy] is mine!
There are so many of them.
[Player/NPC]! Go in for a pincer attack!
[Player/NPC] is in trouble!
Everyone move in and cover!
TECHNICs will be most effective here!
Put off fighting the leader for now!
This might prove difficult.
Lost Hey, where is [player]?
Found [Player]! There you are.
Status up Yes!
Status down I don't have the strength...
Burn Hot!
Freeze I'm stuck!
Shock I feel numb.
Confuse No! I can't... control...
Poison Grk... poison!
Silence Ack...
Stun Damn! This is bad...
Low HP None.
Enemy trap  ?

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