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Moon Atomizer

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ITEM MoonAtomizer.png

Revives any incapacitated allies near the one who uses it.

Item details

  • If used when a nearby party member is incapacitated, it revives them with a fraction of their maximum HP.
  • Available for 350 Meseta at NPC shops.
  • Item max: 10.
  • Can be obtained by earning the title "Lifeguard" (revive an incapacitated ally one time).
  • Can be obtained in a stack of ten by earning the title "Lifesaver" (revive an incapacitated ally five times).


Board Stats
Food Hot Berry x2 Chemical Ether Acid x2
[B] Uses 10 Base Rate 100%
Synth Time 00:00 [B] Used [B] Moon Atomizer
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