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SEED-Form Purge

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Phantasy Star Universe ver.1
This mission has not been upgraded to Ambition of the Illuminus standards. Unless noted otherwise, all enemy and area drops are based on the original Phantasy Star Universe ver.1 charts.

SEED-Form Purge
Linear Line
Start lobby Clyez City
Start counter Linear Line Platform
End lobby Transfer Terminal
Version Phantasy Star Universe
Field LL Access Corridors
Mission type Tutorial mission
Party size 2 players
Enemy elements Dark

Training mission. Eliminate the creatures in the Linear Line access corridors!

Mission requirements and rewards

Req. LV Enemy LV Rank S Rank A Rank B Rank C
Meseta Points Meseta Points Meseta Points Meseta Points
1 1+ 15 1 10 1 5 0 0 0
Rank S requirements
Time Defeated enemies Miscellaneous requirements
Within 3:00 20 --

Mission details

  • This mission is accessed from the partner machine in your room.
  • An NPC tutor will accompany the player. This character is based on the race the player chose during character creation.

Enemy information

Enemy name Enemy buffs Ele. LV EXP
Pannon Dark 1 3
Delsaban Dark 1 6
Sendillan Dark 1 6

Item drops

Enemy name Special drops Drop item
Pannon Altim Crim
Pannon Jelly
Unknown Meat
[B] Sabra
Delsaban -- Saber
Sendillan Altim Crim
Unknown Meat
Normal box Linear Line --
Area drops -- 1-6★ ores
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