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Vivienne (NPC)

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Name Vivienne Affiliation GUARDIANS
Race CAST Gender Female
Age 2 months Height  ?Rp
JP Voice Megumi Toyoguchi
EN Voice Amy Rubinate


A newly activated prototype CAST created by GRM in Phantasy Star Portable, she is perceived throughout the story as 'different' by other characters because of her build and abilities to express different emotions, as well as analyze different emotions like actual living beings would.

Phantasy Star Portable

The player character, a GUARDIAN who recently receives his/her license, is assigned Vivienne as a mentor for the new CAST.

It is revealed in Chapter 7 that Vivienne was built to serve as an Illuminus spy by a GRM insider, and unbeknown to her, everything that she was seeing was being recorded and sent directly to the Illuminus, which explains why Helga Neumann had knowledge of restricted areas. In Chapter 8, Helga reveals that Vivienne is nothing more than a 'Copy CAST,' built in Helga's likeness and in order to serve Helga's bidding. She is ordered to kill the player character and Lou but is promptly defeated and joins the duo in chasing down Helga to the HIVE's core.

The choices the player makes throughout Phantasy Star Portable determines Vivienne's fate. The player will receive a 15%, 30%, or 50% Fire attribute Vivienne following the end of the mission depending on the ending received.

Episode 2

Episode 3

Random facts

Partner character

Partner card

Race CAST Gender Female
Type Hunter (1) Level -5
Card comment
Card requirements
Voice No voice Chat Scripted


Weapon Name Linked Effect Used during
Double sabers
G.R.M. Fire Vivienne (weapon) Absolute Dance Level 1 to 10 skill LV1+
G.R.M. Light Baton
Resta LV11 to 20 TECHNIC LV1+
Reverser LV11 to 20 TECHNIC LV1+
Equipment Name Effect Used during
Line shields
G.R.M. Neutral  ?line - LV1+


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